Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pilot Ultraviolet 03-25-17

12:03AM Tim Hecker “The Star Compass” from Radio Amor on Tim Hecker
12:06AM Lee Gamble “Head Model” from Koch on PAN
12:09AM Huerco S “Canticoy” from Colonial Patterns on Software Recording Co.
12:11AM Biosphere “Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings” from Dropsonde on Biophon Records (Norway)
12:13AM William Basinski “Evening Scars” from Shortwavemusic on 2062
12:17AM Loscil “coyote” from Sketches from New Brighton on Kranky
12:19AM Svarte Greiner “An Ordinary Hike” from Knive on Type
12:22AM Bvdub “The Past Disappears” from The Past Disappears
12:26AM Ian William Craig “Innermost” from Centres on FatCat Records
12:29AM Greg Haines “Wake Mania Without End II” from Where We Were on Denovali Records
12:33AM Benoit Pioulard “gospel” from Hymnal on Kranky
12:37AM Simon Scott “Betty” from Bunny on Miasmah
12:40AM Ancestors “a friend” from Of Sound Mind on Tee Pee Records
12:42AM Oresund Space Collective “Fondle the Frequency” from Slip Into the Vortex
12:48AM Landing “first snow” from seasons on Ba Da Bing!
12:54AM Popol Vuh “Hosianna-Mantra” from Hosianna Mantra on SPV Recordings
12:55AM Mountains “Live At the Triple Door” from Air Museum (Bonus Track Version) on Thrill Jockey
01:00AM Fennesz “Chateau rouge” from Venice on Touch
01:04AM En “blue” from Blue Pink Orange White - EP on En
01:07AM White Rainbow “Batman Palace” from Thru.U on White Rainbow Records
01:08AM Fennesz “Laguna” from Venice on Touch
01:11AM Atlas Sound “Ready, Set, Glow” from Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel (2008) on 4AD
01:13AM Landing “In a Car” from seasons on Ba Da Bing!
01:16AM Windy & Carl “The Frost in Winter” from We Will Always Be on Kranky
01:18AM Philip Jeck “wipe” from 7 on Touch
01:21AM Loren MazzaCane Connors “Now Who Are These Guys?” from In Bern
01:22AM Otto A. Totland “Flomé” from Pino on Sonic Pieces
01:25AM Benoit Pioulard “Upon the Break Arch” from Sonnet on Kranky
01:29AM Brambles “To Speak of Solitude” from Charcoal on Serein
01:32AM Stephan Mathieu & Janek Schaefer “Six Hills Giant” from Hidden Name on Crónica
01:34AM White Rainbow “Warm Clicked Fruit” from Prism of Eternal Now on Kranky
01:38AM Eraldo Bernocchi “Losing My Breath” from Winter Garden
01:39AM Yume Bitsu “Song Eight” from The Golden Vessyl of Sound on K records
01:42AM Laraaji “Deep Celestial” from Two Sides of Laraaji on All Saints Records
01:44AM Shuttle358 “Nerf” from Chessa on 12K
01:47AM Shuttle358 “Logical” from Chessa on 12K
01:49AM Christopher Willits “ground” from Opening on PLANCHA
01:53AM Taylor Deupree “seep” from Landing - EP on Room 40
01:58AM Windy & Carl “Balance (Trembling)” from Consciousness on Kranky

Friday, March 10, 2017

Pilot Ultraviolet 03-11-17

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12:03AM Fennesz “Liminality” from Becs on P-Vine Records
12:10AM My Brother The Wind “I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity” from I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity on Transubstans Records
12:12AM Jefre Cantu-Ledesma “The Last Time I Saw Your Face” from A Year With 13 Moons (2014) on Mexican Summer
12:16AM Ian William Craig “A Single Hope” from Centres on FatCat Records
12:22AM Taylor Deupree “Minism” from Somi on 12K
12:24AM Greg Haines “The Intruder” from Where We Were on Denovali Records
12:30AM Richard Skelton “Voice of the Book” from Landings on Type
12:34AM Svarte Greiner “The Boat Was My Friend” from Knive on Type
12:37AM Huerco S “Monks Mound (Arcology)” from Colonial Patterns on Software Recording Co.
12:40AM Arthur Russell “Wax the Van” from World of Echo on Audika Records
12:42AM Noveller “In February” from Fantastic Planet on Fire Records
12:46AM Arthur Russell “"Instrumentals", Vol. 1, Pt. 6” from First Thought Best Thought on Audika Records
12:48AM Colour Haze “love” from Colour Haze on electrohasch
12:51AM Julia Holter “So Lillies” from Tragedy on Domino Recording Co
12:54AM Mammatus “The Changing Wind” from The Coast Explodes on Holy Mountain
12:59AM The Kings Of Frog Island “Laid” from ii on The Kings Of Frog Island
01:01AM Brambles “In the Androgynous Dark” from Charcoal on Serein
01:05AM Brambles “Half-Gramme Holiday” from Café del Mar Dreams 9 on Cafe del Mar Music
01:07AM Colleen “Les ondes silencieuses” from Les ondes silencieuses on The leaf label
01:11AM Greg Haines “183 Times” from Digressions on Denovali Records
01:18AM Ryan Teague “Surface Tension” from Site Specific on King Tree
01:22AM Steve Hauschildt “Where All Is Fled” from Where All Is Fled on Kranky
01:25AM Peter Broderick “the dream” from Music for Falling from Trees on Western Vinyl
01:29AM Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith “Labyrinth II” from Euclid on Western Vinyl
01:31AM Laurie Spiegel “Music for Dance II” from The Expanding Universe (1980) on Philo
01:32AM Loren Connors “Blues, No. 4” from Blues: The 'Dark Paintings' of Mark Rothko on Family Vineyard
01:36AM Ryan Teague “Anesidora” from Field Drawings on Village Green
01:39AM Otto A. Totland “Aquet” from Pino on Sonic Pieces
01:42AM Chihei Hatakeyama “jody II” from Void VIII on White paddy mountain
01:46AM Chihei Hatakeyama “Across The Cold River” from Void X on White paddy mountain
01:56AM Nest “Stillness” from Body Pilot - EP

Friday, February 24, 2017

Pilot Ultraviolet 02-25-17

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12:03AM My Brother The Wind “Torbjörn Abelli” from I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity on Transubstans Records
12:13AM Weird Owl “Master of the Mysteries” from Healing - EP on 'a' Records
12:15AM The Egocentrics “Intuition and Coincidence” from Center of the Cyclone on Nasoni Records
12:17AM Svarte Greiner “Ocean Out of Wood” from Knive on Type
12:19AM Oresund Space Collective “Pink Jumps In the Ring” from Its All About Delay
12:24AM Siena Root “We: In the Desert” from Different Realities on Root Rock Records
12:27AM Taylor Deupree “Evode” from Somi on 12K
12:28AM Samsara Blues Experiment “wheel of life” from Long Distance Trip on World In Sound
12:32AM My Brother The Wind “Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet” from Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet on Transubstans Records
12:35AM Causa Sui “Venice by the Sea” from Summer Sessions, Vol. 3 on El Paraiso
12:38AM Papir “IIII.IIII” from Iiii on El Paraiso
12:39AM Peter Broderick “Get Well Soon” from 4 Track Songs on Type
12:41AM Machinefabriek “Weightless Remix” from Bijeen on Kning Disk
12:47AM Kangding Ray “En amaryllis jour” from Or on Raster-Noton
12:51AM Gold Panda “trust” from In Sequence on YOSHIMOTO R and C CO.,LTD.
12:56AM Wild Nothing “On Guyot” from Empty Estate on YOSHIMOTO R and C CO.,LTD.
01:01AM Noveller “The Unveiling” from A Pink Sunset for No One on Fire Records
01:04AM Peter Broderick “Part 3: Differences” from Music For Congregation - EP on Erased Tapes
01:09AM Sylvain Chauveau “A_” from S. - EP on fabriq rnd
01:13AM Terry Riley “The Harp of New Albion: VI. Return of the Ancestors” from Riley: The Harp of New Albion on Celestial Harmonies
01:14AM AIRBOY EXPRESS “Sunwinter 1” from Sunwinter on White Rainbow
01:22AM Sophie Harris & Gavin Bryars “The South Downs” from Bryars: A Man in a Room, Gambling on Decca Music Group Ltd.
01:23AM AIRBOY EXPRESS “Sunwinter 2” from Sunwinter on White Rainbow
01:34AM Nest “Wheatstone” from Retold on Serein
01:38AM Loren Connors “As Roses Bow” from As Roses Bow: Collected Airs 1992-2002 on Family Vineyard
01:39AM Naam “Stone Ton” from Naam on Tee Pee Records
01:41AM Rafael Anton Irisarri “Displacement” from A Fragile Geography on Room 40
01:43AM Fourcolor “season” from Letter of Sounds on 12K
01:46AM Ken Ikeda “na” from Moss
01:50AM Fourcolor “frame” from Letter of Sounds on 12K
01:53AM Taylor Deupree “fenne” from Somi on 12K

Friday, February 10, 2017

Pilot Ultraviolet 02-11-17

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12:02AM Huerco S “Chunkee Player” from Colonial Patterns on Software Recording Co.
12:04AM Apalusa “It all Ends Here” from Ghost Notes on Low-Point
12:05AM Christian Löffler “Swift Code (feat. Marcus Roloff)” from A Forest on Ki Records
12:09AM The Orb “4am Exhale (Chill Out, World!)” from COW / Chill Out, World! on Kompakt
12:13AM Machinedrum “She Died There” from Room(S) on Planet Mu Records Ltd.
12:16AM Christian Löffler “blind” from A Forest on Ki Records
12:20AM Max Cooper “Origins” from Kindred EP
12:23AM Toro y moi “Freak Love” from Causers of This on Carpark
12:26AM Steve Hauschildt “Galloping” from S/H on Editions Mego
12:28AM Console “A Clone Is A Clone” from Mst
12:33AM Pole “Kirschenessen” from 1 2 3 (2000) on pole
12:35AM Stimming “November Morning” from Window Shopping - Single on DIYNAMIC
12:39AM Jon Hassel & Farafina “(Like) Warriors Everywhere (Courage)” from Flash of the Spirit on Intuition
12:41AM Popol Vuh “Through Pain to Heaven” from Nosferatu (Original Soundtrack) on SPV Recordings
12:43AM Fennesz “Blok M” from Hotel Paral.lel on P-VINE
12:46AM Wild Nothing “On Guyot” from Empty Estate on YOSHIMOTO R and C CO.,LTD.
12:51AM Landing “Convergence” from Circuit on The Music Fellowship
12:56AM Tim Hecker “Sketch 7” from Dropped Pianos on Kranky
12:58AM Fieldhead “You Can Leave Now” from A Correction on Gizeh Records
01:01AM Ken Camden “Asleep at the Wheel” from Dream Memory on Kranky
01:06AM Ken Camden “Spectacle” from Space Mirror on Kranky
01:10AM Deru “Spread Your Arms” from Trying to Remember on Merck Records
01:13AM Deru “Words You Said” from Trying to Remember on Merck Records
01:15AM Pole “Paula” from 1 2 3 (2000) on pole
01:19AM Jon Hassell “Secretly Happy” from Fascinoma
01:23AM John Lurie “Tuesday Night In Memphis” from Mystery Train on Milan Music
01:25AM Gabor Szabo “Ferris Wheel” from The Szabo Equation
01:27AM Constance Demby “Jungle Jam” from Set Free on Valley Entertainment
01:30AM Christian Löffler “Swift Code (feat. Marcus Roloff)” from A Forest on Ki Records
01:33AM Chihei Hatakeyama “crash into the Sun” from Void VIII on White paddy mountain
01:36AM Suzanne Kraft “01.01.59” from Missum on Running Back
01:38AM Nils Frahm “Our Own Roof” from Victoria (Music for the Motion Picture) [Bonus Track Version] on Erased Tapes
01:41AM Rachel Grimes “In the Vapor with the Air Underneath” from the Clearing on Temporary Residence Ltd.
01:42AM William Basinski “Melancholia IV” from Melancholia on 2062
01:45AM Rafael Anton Irisarri “Moments Descend On My Windowpane” from SMM: Context
01:46AM William Basinski “Melancholia V” from Melancholia on 2062
01:48AM Robin Guthrie “The Names Of Those Never Here” from Bordeaux
01:48AM William Basinski “Melancholia VI” from Melancholia on 2062
01:52AM Stars of the Lid “Broken Harbors, Pt. 1” from The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid on Kranky
01:53AM Chihei Hatakeyama “Goodbye to Luke” from Void VIII on White paddy mountain

Friday, January 27, 2017

Pilot Ultraviolet 01-28-17

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12:03AM The Sight Below “Through the Gaps In the Land” from It All Falls Apart on Ghostly International
12:09AM Earthen Sea “Velvet Grey” from Mirage on Lover's Rock
12:14AM Robag Wruhme “Prognosen Bomm” from Thora Vukk on Pampa Records
12:17AM Dorian Concept “11.04.2012” from Joined Ends on Ninja Tune
12:20AM FaltyDL “Uncea” from Hardcourage (Bonus Track Version) on Ninja Tune
12:24AM SND “00020 A” from Stdio on SND
12:26AM Fieldhead “home” from Fury - EP on Gizeh Records
12:29AM Microstoria “Glocky Bit” from Model 3, Step 2 on Thrill Jockey
12:32AM Steve Reich “Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ” from Phases on Nonesuch
12:34AM Stuart Dempster “Secret Currents” from Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel on New Albion Records
12:38AM Terry Riley “A Rainbow in Curved Air, for electric piano, dumbak & tambourines” from Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air, Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band on Sony Classical
12:46AM Ashra “77 Slightly Delayed” from Blackouts on One Up
12:52AM Fennesz “Badminton Girl” from Endless Summer on Editions Mego
12:54AM Jon Hassell “Empire III” from Aka / Darbari / Java on One Up
01:00AM Tim Hecker “Currents of Electrostasy” from An Imaginary Country on Kranky
01:03AM Ken Camden “Eta Carinae” from Space Mirror on Kranky
01:08AM Harold Budd “The Bells” from Candylion
01:10AM Deru “1979” from 1979 on Friends Of Friends
01:13AM Jon Hassell “Empire II” from Aka / Darbari / Java on One Up
01:16AM Chihei Hatakeyama “white light” from A Long Journey on Home Normal
01:18AM Tangerine Dream “Sequent C” from Phaedra (1974) on Virgin
01:19AM Gavin Bryars Ensemble “The Sinking of the Titanic: 11. Coda” from Bryars: The Sinking of the Titanic on Philips Classics
01:22AM Pan American “The Cloud Room” from Cloud Room, Glass Room on Kranky
01:29AM Landing “grow” from Complekt on These Are Not Records
01:39AM Ken Camden “Renewal” from Dream Memory on Kranky
01:41AM Federico Durand “El Éxtasis De Las Flores Pequeñas” from El Éxtasis De Las Flores Pequeñas on Own Records
01:43AM Olan Mill “Cotton Access” from Pine on Serein
01:46AM Constance Demby “Radiance” from Sacred Space Music on Valley Entertainment

Pilot Ultraviolet 01-21-17

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12:02AM Earthen Sea “Saharan Ocean” from Mirage on Lover's Rock
12:11AM Fieldhead “Of October” from They Shook Hands for Hours on Home Assembly Music
12:14AM Dan Abrams “Monsters” from Stream
12:17AM Christopher Bissonnette “Substrata” from Periphery on Kranky
12:19AM Ryoji Ikeda “Headphonics 0_0” from + / - on Touch
12:24AM Microstoria “Endless Summer NAMM” from Snd on Thrill Jockey
12:25AM Huerco S “Prinzif” from Colonial Patterns on Software Recording Co.
12:28AM Atom TM “Winterreise” from Winterreise
12:32AM Pita “5” from Get Out
12:35AM SND “04” from Makesnd Cassette on SND
12:38AM Vladislav Delay “Levite” from Vantaa on Raster-Noton
12:42AM Lee Gamble “Head Model” from Koch on PAN
12:45AM Growing “Lens Around” from All The Way (2008) on Social Registry
12:49AM Biosphere “The Things I Tell You” from Substrata 2 on Touch
12:53AM Goem “untitled 1” from Atak on Korm Plastics
12:54AM Benoit Pioulard “Margin (feat. Ruhe) (Ruhe Remix)” from Hymnal (Remixes) on Lost Tribe Sound
12:58AM Fieldhead “Hecla” from Fury - EP on Gizeh Records
01:01AM Fourcolor “season” from Letter of Sounds on 12K
01:02AM Fennesz “012 +- 3.28” from Plus Forty Seven Degrees 56' 37" Minus Sixteen Degrees 51' 08" on Touch
01:05AM Oval “Polygon Medpack 2.0” from Dok on Thrill Jockey Records
01:07AM Moondog “Sand Lily” from A New Sound of an Old Instrument on Moondog
01:09AM Keith Fullerton Whitman “Weiter” from Schöner Flussengel on Kranky
01:13AM Fourcolor “Skating Azure” from As Pleat on 12K
01:15AM Domenique Dumont “La bataille de neige” from Comme ça - EP on Antinote
01:17AM Microstoria “Dokumint” from Init Ding on Thrill Jockey
01:19AM Matmos “For the Trees” from The Civil War (2003) on Matador
01:22AM Harold Budd “L'enfant perdu” from Avalon Sutra
01:24AM Aaron Marshall “Alternate Universe” from Noir Ambiance on Noct Records
01:26AM Colleen “Past the Long Black Land” from Les ondes silencieuses on The leaf label
01:29AM Richard Skelton “Remaindered” from Landings on Type
01:32AM Loscil “Fromme” from Coast/ Range/ Arc on Glacial Movements
01:38AM Loscil “Enthalpy” from Triple Point on Kranky
01:41AM Fourcolor “Empty Sky 1” from Air Curtain on 12K
01:44AM Markus Guentner “Harbour Facility (Original Mix)” from Markus Guentner Presents Ambient Edition 2 on Affin
01:50AM White Rainbow “Sanddune Sandset Sunlife” from Sky Drips Drifts on White Rainbow

Pilot Ultraviolet 01-14-17

[Listen Here]

12:02AM Quantic “Life in the Rain” from The Best of Quantic on Tru Thoughts Records
12:06AM Huerco S “Skug Commune” from Colonial Patterns on Software Recording Co.
12:09AM Machinedrum “SeeSea” from Vapor City (2013) on Ninja Tune
12:12AM SND “10” from Tender Love on SND
12:14AM Frank Bretschneider “Looping IV” from looping I - VI (and other assorted love songs)
12:18AM Jan Jelinek “Moire” from Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (2001) on Faitiche
12:20AM Microstoria “Slap Top” from Init Ding on Thrill Jockey
12:24AM Alva Noto “Uni Rec” from Univrs on Raster-Noton
12:31AM Atom TM “Wellen Und Felder II” from Liedgut
12:33AM Goem “untitled 10” from Atak on Korm Plastics
12:36AM Christopher Willits “Living Flowers” from mujo
12:38AM SND “0039 D.6” from Stdio on SND
12:41AM Jan Jelinek “Facelift” from La Nouvelle Pauvrete
12:45AM Pole “berlin” from 1 2 3 (2000) on pole
12:48AM Frank Bretschneider “A Soft Throbbing of Time” from rhythm
12:50AM Pita “ce3” from Get Out
12:57AM Loscil “In Threes” from Sea Island on Kranky
01:01AM Moby “Myopia” from Ambient
01:05AM Sandro Perri “Wolfman (Sky Mix)” from Spaced Out - EP on Constellation
01:09AM Aphex Twin “Tha” from Selected Ambient Works 85-92 on R&S Records
01:11AM Christoph El Truento “Closer” from Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Compilation
01:15AM Sci Fi LSD Sounds “Olympos Monster, Pt. 1” from Silence, Pt. 1 on GR8 AL Music
01:16AM Pan American “Remapping” from Pan-American on Kranky
01:18AM Burial “Dog Shelter” from Untrue on Hyperdub
01:21AM Goem “Twintig” from Lokatie on Korm Plastics
01:23AM The Seven Fields of Aphelion “Wildflower Wood” from Periphery on Graveface Records
01:26AM Sad Souls “Cloud Speed” from Apeiron on PLOP
01:29AM Helios “Halving the Compass” from Eingya on Unseen
01:35AM Growing “After Glow” from Lateral - EP on The Social Registry
01:40AM Folds “Thrupence” from Voyages
01:44AM Parov Stelar “Dark Jazz” from Seven and Storm on Etage Noir Recordings
01:47AM Quantic “Time Is the Enemy” from The 5th Exotic (2001) on Unknown
01:51AM Tosca “Elitsa” from No Hassle (2009) on G-Stone/K7
01:56AM Sarah Neufeld “Where the Light Comes In (Loscil Remix)” from Where the Light Comes In (Loscil Remix) - Single on Paper Bag Records